3-layer medical mask type IIR with...
3-layer medical mask type IIR with...
3-layer medical mask type IIR with...

3-layer medical mask type IIR with rubber bands green 10 pieces in PE foil

VAT included

Medical 3-layer IIR masks with elastics

BFE filtration > 98%

Splash resistant

Medical device in accordance with standard EN: 14683: 2019

Provides wearing comfort

Nice to touch

Made in EU


The highest quality disposable medical mask MADE IN THE EU . Medical device compliant with EN14683: 2019 + AC: 2019. Bacterial filtration> 98%

Medical 3-layer mask with durable rubber bands. The Type IIR Medical Mask consists of 3 layers, each of which performs a specific function. The outer layer is a physical barrier to protect the wearer from droplets, air pollution, dust, dirt, smoke and dust. The middle filter layer is used to filter bacteria and microbes. The inner layer absorbs water and moisture and provides long-lasting and comfortable protection

3-ply surgical masks made of high-quality non-woven filter material with a strong protective effect , comfortable and breathable at the same time. This lightweight, soft non-woven fabric is odorless and gentle on the skin. Thanks to the flexible metal stiffening at the level of the nose, the mask adjusts to the shape of the face. Soft and flexible earloop ensures comfortable wearing.

OPHARM masks are made with safety and the highest production standards in mind. We are sure of their high quality.

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