Wet wipes

Opharm is a modern company specializing in the production of wet wipes. Our company manufacturing as many as 100 million wipes per month, which confirms our ability to fulfill even the largest orders. 

The quality of our products is our priority. We have our own laboratory where we carefully control the production proceses to ensure the highest quality and safety.

We use raw materials purchased only from reputable Europen suppliers. Our production quality is confirmed by ISO certificates, which is proof to our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards. Thanks to this our customers can be sure that they are getting products that meet restrictive standards.

Opharm focussing on innovation and listen to the needs of customers. Our experience allows us to provide the highest quality products that meet expectations in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. We are ready to customized production to individual customer preferences, both in terms of materials and packaging.

We specialize in the production of customer private label products, offering a wide range of customized options.
Opharm offers a wide range of wet wipes a range of wet wipes tailored to meet a variety of customer needs and requirements. Our offer includes:

Baby Wipes with 99% water

Our baby wipes are specially designed for the sensitive skin of toddlers. They contain as much as 99% pure water, making them extremely gentle and mild for baby’s skin. They are ideal for baby and toddler skin care, both at home and on the go.

Make up off Wipes

Our makeup remover wipes are a convenient solution for removing makeup from the face, neck and eyes. They are gentle yet effective in removing even waterproof makeup. They leave skin clean, refreshed and moisturized. 3. Pet wipes: Specially designed, with pH adapted to the skin of animals They are suitable for cleaning paws, fur, ears, eyes and muzzle. They effectively remove dirt and odors while being gentle and safe.

Pet wipes

Specially designed, with pH adapted to the skin of animals They are suitable for cleaning paws, fur, ears, eyes and muzzle. They effectively remove dirt and odors while being gentle and safe.

Flushable Toilet Wipes

Our flushable toilet wipes is an innovative solution that combines the covenience of wet wipes with the functionality of toilet paper. It’s environmentally friendly because it can be flushed the toilet, and gentle on the skin thanks to its moisturizing formula. It is perfect for those who value hygiene and comfort in the toilet.

Senior Wipes

Our wipes for hygiene Adult people are specially designed for people who need everyday care They contain a prebiotic that supports the reconstruction of the bacterial flora and substances that absorb odors. They are easy to use, gentle on the skin and effective in removing dirt. They provide a convenient solution for caregivers of adult people

Opharm appreciates enviroment and the ecological aspects of manufacturing. As much as 40% of our energy consumption comes from renewable sources, which is part of our green business strategy. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment, taking care of the sustainable development of our company.


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